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Multimodal Transportation of DHTC Reactors
Equipment 1 : DHTC Reactors
Dimension : Length - 33.44 m and Diameter - 3.6 m
Weight : 492.25 MT
Equipment 2 : DHTC Reactors
Dimension : Length - 31.32 m and Diameter - 3.59 m
Weight : 422 MT
Both the reactors were loaded on Ship at L&T Hazira and the ship moved to Diamond Harbour in West Bengal where both the reactors were discharged on to the barge over stools. It is then properly lashed , welded and checked by the marine consultant for its sea worthiness before starting its journey for Jogigopha in Assam. After reaching Jogigopha both the Reactors were rolled off using Hydraulic Trailers at Jogigopha Jetty constructed by ABC INDIA LTD. For the last strectch of 45 km from Jogigopha Jetty to BRPL Site 09 diversions were constructed by ABC INDIA LTD to avoid moving over the bridges. This final stretch Of 45 kms was moved on road using hydraulic axles.
Route followed for the entire transportation:
L&T Hazira to Diamond Harbour – Waterways: Through Ship
Diamond Harbour to Jogigopha – Waterways: Through Barge
Jogigopha to BRPL Bongaigaon Site – Road Ways: Through Hyraulic Axles
Civil Works:
Construction of 1 no.of RORO Jetty at Jogigopha
Construction of no. 09 of diversion between Jogigopha to BRPL Site.
Equipment and Manpower Deployed:
Hydraulic axles : 32 ( 16 + 16 parallel Combination )
Puller : 04
Barge : 02
Technical Staff – 12
Non Technical Staff - 15
This is the heaviest cargo ever moved to the North Eastern States of India.
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